History of Taunsa Sharif


Situated in pakistan; punjab Provence, a part of district Dera Ghazi Khan.The education rate in taunsa is 80%, it is a siraki area, but a large number of tribe (blouch and Pathan) is in Tehsil Taunsa,in all the university, medical colleges and all the four province taunsvi are serving. Taunsa has a Population 100000 according to 2006 estimate.

The town contains important Sufi shrines, the most notable is that of HazratMuhammad Suleman Taunsvi.The Great Tunsa Sharif Dargha Which is main object to interest tourist from all over the world.The east of taunsa there is a village  Basti Buzdar.there is a great saint Sofi Nazar Hussain lived who is well knwon for its Islamic works.

Muhammad Suleman Taunsvi (Peer Pathan) was born on 1770 CE
Darug Town, Baluchistan,Pakistan and Died 1850 CE
Taunsa Shareef, Punjab,Pakistan.


  1. Muhammad ”Sallallaho Ta’ala Alayhe Wasallam”
  2. Ali ibn Abu Talib ”R.A”
  3. Hasan Basri R.A
  4. Abdul Wahid bin Zaid R.A
  5. Fuzeel Ibn-e-Ayaaz R.A
  6. Sultan Ibrahim Adham R.A
  7. Sadeed-ud-din R.A
  8. Ameen-ud-din R.A
  9. Mumshaad R.A
  10. Abi Ishaq Shami Chishti R.A
  11. Syed Abi Ahmad Abdal Chishti R.A
  12. Syed Abi Muhammad Chishti R.A
  13. Syed Nasir-ud-din Chishti R.A
  14. Syed Qutb-ud-din Maudud Chishti R.A
  15. Makhdum Haji Sharif R.A
  16. Usman Harooni R.A
  17. Syed Moin-ud-din Chishti of Ajmer Sharif R.A
  18. Syed Qutb-ud-din Bakhtiar Kaki R.A
  19. Baba Fareed-ud-din Masud Ganjshakar R.A
  20. Syed Nizaam-ud-din Awlia R.A
  21. Naseer-ud-din Charagh-e-Delhi R.A
  22. Kamaal-ud-din R.A
  23. Siraaj-ud-din R.A
  24. I’lm-ud-din R.A
  25. Mehmood Rajan R.A
  26. Jamaal-ud-din Juman R.A
  27. Jamaal-ud-din Hasan Muhammad Nuri R.A
  28. Qutb Shams-ud-din Muhammad R.A
  29. Muhammad R.A
  30. Kaleem Ullah Jahanabadi R.A
  31. Nizaam-ud-din Aurongabadi R.A
  32. Fakhr-ud-din R.A
  33. Nur Muhammad Mahaarvi R.A
  34. Shah Suleman Taunsvi R.A
  35. Khwaja Allah Bux Taunsvi R.A
  36. Khwaja Hafiz Musa Taunsvi R.A
  37. Khwaja Hamid Taunsvi (died in 1932) R.A
  38. Khwaja Hafiz Sadid ud Din Taunsvi (died 1959-60) R.A
  39. Khwaja Khan Muhammad Taunsvi(died in May 1979) R.A
  40. Khwaja ATTA ULLAH KHAN Taunsvi
In 2003, the World Bank approved a $123 million loan to Pakistan to rehabilitate the Taunsa Barrage on the River Indus whose structure had been broken owing to soil erosions and old-age.Taunsa is also the location of one of the notable structures on the Indus River (Taunsa Barrage).It was designated a Ramsar site on March 22, 1996. The Taunsa Barrage was completed in 1958.









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